“Beautiful and challenging course! Great way to raise money for local people in need! Can’t wait to see what they have in store for us this year!” 


“It was amazing. Grueling. Plenty of obstacles. Unlike other obstacle races where you run but there aren’t a lot of obstacles. It kept me busy.”

Russ - ForeShore Adventure Run Testimonial

“I thought it was tough – the sand was soft — and the obstacles took more energy than I had expected. But it was a lot of fun.”

Scott - ForeShore Adventure Run Testimonial

“It was a really good course; the sand was really hard to run on. The ending ones were really good. They were intense.”

Marian - ForeShore Adventure Run Testimonial

“It was really cool. I like the slogan you had — “Overcome Life’s Obstacles” — I kept seeing that on people’s shirts in front of me and I was like, ‘Just a few more obstacles to go!”

Vicente - ForeShore Adventure Run Testimonial

May 20, 2017

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