Foreshore Adventure Run

MAY 20, 2023


Running To Overcome Life’s Obstacles.

The ForeShore Adventure Run features 25 obstacles along a wet and sandy 5k course. ForeShore is never the same! One-third of the obstacles are new each year, ready for you to conquer. Like what you see here? Register now to save your spot and support Muskegon Rescue Mission’s homeless shelters and food pantry.

Shoreline Swing

Swing your way across an alligator infested pond to the safety of the sand.

How Low Can You Go?

Pretty simple, just army crawl up a dune under some pool noodles. Easy enough…

Have a Ball

Push and crawl your way through this structure full of large beach balls. Sounds easy…until someone else is pushing against you.

I’m Duned

Start off strong by tackling a series of 20 foot tall sand dunes. You’ll have to give it everything you’ve got.


Channel your inner gorilla man (or woman), reach up high and swing across.

Walk this Sway!

The traditional balance beam has hit a new level of difficult and fun with some movement.

Move Along

Test your grip strength and balance as you move across this wooden wall. Don’t touch the sand!

Slip 'n Slide

Slide into the finish with a splash on this 50 foot water slide!

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